5 Amazing Smartphone Gadgets and Accessories to Buy on Amazon Under 100$

Amazing Smartphone Gadgets

In this blog, we will go to discuss 5 Amazing Smartphone Gadgets and Accessories available on Amazon under 100$. Make sure your Smartphone is even smarter with this Smartphone Gadgets for Apple and Android devices. These phone gadgets will make holding, charging, cleaning and keeping your smartphone by your side even more simple than it already is. Here are the Gadgets and Accessories-

1. Kobra Tech Cell Phone Tripod- It is the TriFlex Mini Tripod. Its Flexible legs allow you to use it anywhere. You can get a level shot even where there's nowhere to stand it. It even works as a selfie stick. And it can also be used as a tabletop phone stand. It works with any Smart Phone, Point & Shoot Cameras or GoPro and even a tablet stand. You can take your photos and videos to the next level with this gadget. The TriFlex Mini is powered by KobraTech.

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2. Ztylus Designer Revolver M Series Camera Kit- Revolver Lens Kit is a Case and Lens attachment for your phone. It has a Quick Magnetic attachment and it adds different accessories to your phone. It rotates and flips out the lenses and it gets ready in some seconds to operate. It has a Wide Angle-Telephoto Lens that captures more in your photos. This gadget can get incredible close-up details of the object. It has a Fisheye Telephoto that can extend your phones optical range. 

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3. Kodak HD Wireless Portable Mobile Instant Photo Printer- It comes fully loaded with I cartridge. It has a single button function that makes it super simple. Now let's discuss how to use this gadget: you have to just connect this gadget with your phone via Bluetooth and then open the Kodak App and select the photo you want to print and then click on Print, your selected photo will get printed in some seconds. You can ever purchase optional sticker paper. The Kodak Features a 5 step layered printing process. 

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4. Samsung DeX Station Desktop Experience- It is easy to have a Desktop experience with a phone with the help of this gadget. You can connect your phone to a Larger Screen ( External Monitor ) with the help of this gadget. You can dive into your mobile contents like apps, photos, and videos. You can do all at the same time because of Multi-Task Feature of this gadget. You can use this gadget with PC devices like Keyboard & Mouse. It is powered by Personal Mobile Security. Now dock your smartphone leave your computer behind.

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5. Ztylus Switch 6 Kit 6-in-1 Dual Optics Lens System- 6-in-1 Lens system is a Light-Weight, Ultra-Portable, and Affordable. It has a 120° Wide Angle and 2× Telephoto. It has a 10× Macro and 20× Super Macro Lens. It has a 180° Fisheye and 2× Telephoto. It can take dramatic distorted images because of the 180° Fisheye Lens. It gets twice as close to your subject because of 2× Telephoto Lens. It captures more in your shot because of Wide Angle Lens. It can do Incredible Close-Up Photography because of 10× Macro Lens. It can see in extraordinary detail because of 20× Super Macro Lens.

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