How to Help Spiders and Crawlers? Beginners Full Guide

Spiders and Crawlers

In this blog, I am going to discuss with you a few simple tips of things you need to remember in order to help out bots and spiders whenever they are trying to crawl your site. A bot is a pretty much an automated program that goes to every single webpage and is going to start gathering up information about it. So its gonna gather up of all the text and stuff and it's also going to gather up all of the links that are on the webpage. Now for each of those links what its gonna do it's gonna go to those and that is basically what spider is. It goes to those links and it starts gathering up all of the links on the webpage.

If you ever have a page that cannot be accessed by clicking links lets say you have a page and you actually need to type in the full URL into a browser then there is no way that spider is ever going to find it. So lets on my home page I have a bunch of different sections but I put the links into my programming videos and my computer science videos but I also have a maths section, there is a bunch of math videos. Now the thing is there are no links to that maths section or any of those math videos and anywhere on my homepage. So how the heck Google is going to find these it doesn't just type in the browser and you know its a web page. What it does it just crawls it does make sure that everything is connected via links, is very very important.

Another thing I want to point out does not put text inside the images. So same thing goes with logos whenever you have a logo Google has no way have known as the text written in the logo and I mean I am sure Google does because they are pretty smart and they building millions of programs for it but the crawl is gonna have a very difficult time of reading text inside images. Now there is actually a way or a cool technique lets say you have a picture of an elephant on your home page for some reason. There is actually a cool way that can tell Google hey this is a picture of an elephant since it catches and looks at it. Remember do does not have text inside the images at least important text. 

And the last I want to mention for this bots that Google, Bing, and Yahoo make their actually really really good and really smart however there are few things that are not really good at. One of them is filling out forms so let's say you are on some webpage that you go to where you need to fill a form to get there or it may need your e-mail or name to see whatever. Google is going to have a very difficult time of finding what is behind that form. And another thing is a lot of social networking sites, what you need to you need to be logged in to actually see the content. So let's say you make a Facebook account to view someone's profile. Well if you need to make an account to view someone's profile Google is never going to do that. And all the content is therefore never gonna crawled, never gonna stored in that base and never going to appear in the search results. 

NOTE- So again remember a couple of few things make sure that everything is connected by the links if you go to your website and if you can't access it by just clicking the links then Google is never going to find it, make sure you don't have text inside the images and also make you don't have a lot of very important content behind private pages or the pages you need to be logged in to access. 
Prashant Bhardwaj
Prashant Bhardwaj

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