How to Earn Money From Amazon Affiliate Marketing? Beginners Full Guide


How to make money using Affiliate Marketing?

In this blog how we start making money easily through Affiliate Marketing. I don't know you notice it if you take a look at all the e-commerce sites in like Flipkart or Amazon. You will find a link called Become an Affiliate or Make Money with us or something like that at the end of the page. 

What is the concept of Affiliate Marketing?

Before we see how we can make money with these programs, lets first understand the concept of Affiliate Marketing. The concept of Affiliate Marketing is very simple. For example let's say when you become an affiliate for Amazon and you bring a person to their site, now if that person makes a purchase you will get a commission. This is how Affiliate Marketing works. But how to bring a person to Amazon. When you Sign up as an Affiliate you will get an Affiliate link. Now you need to Promote the link so that you get Paid when people buy from it. The best way to share the link is to create a Website.

How do Affiliate Marketing works?

Now let's discuss how it really works. Whenever a person visits your site and clicks on your Affiliate Link. This will take him to the Amazon. Once he/she buys the product you will get the commission. The best part about this is even that person buys some other product you will still get the commission. He or she just have to make a purchase within 24 hours. That's it lets get started.

How to promote products from Amazon and make sales? 

STEP 1- Choose the category of product you want to promote. First of all, go to and click Shop by Category. Now select a Category in which you are most interested in. You can also take a look at the commission rates of all the products. This will help you to know the percentage of commission you are going to earn from each sale Once you have selected your category, you can go to the next step.

STEP 2- Next step is to create a Website. You can learn how to create a Website easily from our Blog. You will find in the category of Technology Information. Since I have selected shoes as my topic, let's say I've just created a site called Once you have created your site you can go to the next step.

STEP 3- Next step is to Sign-Up for the Amazon Affiliate Program. To do that go to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Become an Affiliate. Click Join now for Free! button and complete the Sign-Up process. Once you have done you will see your Amazon Associates dashboard. Your Amazon Associates account is now ready. Go to Google and search for Amazon Best Sellers. Now click on the first website appearing on the top and select your category from the left side. The website you have chosen will show you the top-selling products in that category. Now choose the product which has a good rating. Take a look at the features and the user reviews to get an idea about the product. If you liked it go to the next step. 

STEP 4- The next step is to write an article about the product. Let me show you an example of an article you can write. First, go to the WordPress site you have created and then click on new and post. Now start writing an article about the product you have chosen. Make sure you write all the user reviews and the product features so that you can list down its pros and cons. Next, add an image of that product. Now comes the important part to add your Affiliate link. To add your Affiliate link first find a buy button from Google Images and save it in your computer. Then add it to your article. Now go to the product page 
on Amazon and click Link to this page then copy the link address, this is your Affiliate link. Then go back to your article click the Buy button and click Edit. Select link to Custom Url and paste it also check the open link in a New tab. Cluck Update and click Publish to post the article. Now you can see that clicking the Buy button allows the user to Buy the product using your Affiliate link.

OUICK TIP- Always make sure you write articles which provide some kind of benefit to your readers. This will attract more visitors to your Website. 

How to check your earnings on Amazon?

So once you logged in to your Amazon Associates dashboard you can see the total earning on the right-hand side of the page. To see the items you have sold click View all Report. You can see the overview of all the products, people have bought from your link.

So, this is how you make money from Affiliate Marketing. Also, the steps are shown now on any e-commerce site you want like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong, Banggood, etc.

Prashant Bhardwaj
Prashant Bhardwaj

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