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What is Mutual Funds and how to Invest in Mutual Funds?

BASICS OF MUTUAL FUNDSWhat is Mutual Funds:The word Mutual implies a group of people coming together and Funds means pulling of money. Therefore the term Mutual Funds suggest the group of people putting their money together to buy stocks and bonds or in some cases a combination of both. For example, a baker bakes a million-pound cake and the cake is made up of a variety of ingredients, each ingredient is an individual stock or bond. The list of all these ingredients makes up your Portfolio. This Fund is managed by a professional Fund Manager, who manages this pool of money and bills a Portfolio which is inline of the investment objective of the scheme. This ensures that the risk is controlled because all the stocks may not move in the same direction and the same proportion at the same time. Thus it helps to balance things out.

What are Mutual Fund Units and is their NAV calculated: Mutual Funds issue units to the investors and accordance with the quantum of money invested by them. Inve…

What are the best ways to earn money with Bitcoin in 2019

Most people earn to buy some bitcoins to spend them on goods. Bitcoin isn't about a new form of currency that could one day take over to Dollar. It is an investment and they are hoping that it pays off. If you have invested a hundred dollars into bitcoin just in 2012 they would now be worth a hundred million dollars today. There is no secret cryptocurrency have exploded all over the world. In this blog, I am going to share the best strategies of how to make money with cryptocurrency. I got two main goals with this blog. The first is to summarise the complexity around the cryptocurrency condensing it down in more of the beginner format just giving you the big picture. 

The second is to hopefully clear a lot of the myths, confusions, around the cryptocurrency and what is happening because if you are following the media they keep on spreading rumors and myths about cryptocurrency. So I am going to share main ways from people are making money with cryptocurrency and I will share my str…

What are Domain Name and Web Hosting

In order to have an Internet presence such as a Website, there are two things you will require: a Domain Name and a Web Hosting Service. Let's talk about Domain Name first. Your Domain Name is your name on the Internet. When you register a Domain Name from any third party Websites like Godaddy, Bigrocks, Hostgator, etc. It becomes your property, a Domain Name is a valuable piece of Internet real-estate and by registering your Domain you are protecting your Business or Ideas by showing that nobody else can register them. 

There are several types of Domain Name, the most popular are the U.S Domains like (,, and the UK Domains like (, The U.S Domains can be registered for 1 to 10 years and the UK Domains can be registered between for up to 2 years at a time. You will always have the opportunity to renew your domain name in advance of its expiry date. The Domain Name provider company will send yo…