What are Domain Name and Web Hosting

Domain Name and Hosting

In order to have an Internet presence such as a Website, there are two things you will require: a Domain Name and a Web Hosting Service. Let's talk about Domain Name first. Your Domain Name is your name on the Internet. When you register a Domain Name from any third party Websites like Godaddy, Bigrocks, Hostgator, etc. It becomes your property, a Domain Name is a valuable piece of Internet real-estate and by registering your Domain you are protecting your Business or Ideas by showing that nobody else can register them. 

There are several types of Domain Name, the most popular are the U.S Domains like (www.yourname.com, www.yourname.net, www.yourname.org) and the UK Domains like (www.yourname.co.uk, www.yourname.org.uk). The U.S Domains can be registered for 1 to 10 years and the UK Domains can be registered between for up to 2 years at a time. You will always have the opportunity to renew your domain name in advance of its expiry date. The Domain Name provider company will send you a reminder and you can easily renew your Domain Name at any time. Registering a Domain Name with Godaddy is quick and easy. Just enter your Domain Name in the space provided and select search and it will show you whether it is available or not, if it shows it is available you can then register it and your selected Domain Name will be registered instantly and you will be sent a confirmation email. 

When you purchase your Domain Name you have the option to add a Hosting Service as well. Web Hosting is just a term to describe the Computer Network Infrastructure required for you to be able to set up a Website and emails. It consists of a powerful set of computers called Servers which allocate it in a special design building called Data Center. The Data Center is working 24 hours a day by highly qualified technicians. It is built with full security in mind and it includes built-in backup systems to ensure your Websites and Emails are working 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. When choosing your Web Hosting there are two terms that you need to be familiar with: Disk Space and Bandwidth. Disk Space is the amount of disk space that is allocated to you on your Web Hosting service. For Example, 1GB of Disk Space is enough for around 10,000 Web Pages. Bandwidth just means the amount of traffic to and from your Website and it consists mainly of email traffic visits your Website when you Publish your Website. For Example, 10GB of monthly would be enough for tens of thousands of visitors for your Website. 

When you order a Web Hosting Service everything is set up automatically and you are immediately sent a welcome email which contains all of the information such as Password that you will need to get started. You manage your Web Hosting through an easy to use Control Panel. In Control Panel you can perform a range of functions easily and quickly. For Example, you can create Email Addresses, you can create Databases, you can back up your Website, you can also install tools like applications like WordPress, you can do this with just a couple of clicks, you will also get a technical support team which is available 24 hours a day. Purchasing a Web Hosting is easy through Hostgator, 000webhost, Bluehost, A2hosting, Siteground, Dreamhost. You can Purchase Fast Web Hosting from the Links given below-

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