Best Apps To Remove Background Image

Remove Background Image

I am going to tell you about my favourite background eraser apps and if you don't know what those are that's an app that will allow you to load a photo inside of it to erase the part of the image that you don't want. For example, if you want to cut yourself out so that you can use it on top of your YouTube thumbnail or may be inside your channel art. These apps can help you to do that. And I have apps for both Android and iOS users.

So the first app that we going to know about is an app that you probably heard about or maybe you have it on your phone and that is called Picsart. Picsart is an all in one app you can do a cutout, you can make the nails, you can crop and it has filters. It has beautiful features you can change your skin tone and all of that. It is a powerhouse and I highly recommend trying this app out. There is no other app that can do all this type of things. You can anything with this app start to finish. You can create channel arts, thumbnails, cutouts, and many other more things you can do with this app. Download this app now from the Google Play Store for Free.


Now let's know about the next app, the app name is Background Eraser. This is a very powerful app and it has an auto feature or you can manually do it that all this app does. Now you do have to zoom in and you do have to change the size of the brush and that will be a little awkward for first but it's super powerful and it's a fantastic app and it wants you to save the image and it saves it out to the transparent PNG. The way all the other apps do and you can use another app that they app called photo layers that allows you to use multiple layers that you use in other app and you can save them in building up the layers and that's a very powerful feature. If you want to get if you want to get a little bit creative with your cutouts. Download this app now from the Google Play Store for Free.


Now before I move on to the next app I do want to mention something about this app in case you never use them before. They are a little bit kind of awkward to use for the first time but the more you use it the more you practice with it the better you will get. So the first couple of cut-outs must not look that good but I promise if you keep practice they are going to look awesome. 
    Next app is an all in one powerhouse app and that is called Pixomatic. Pixomatic can do everything including cut yourself out. You can add text, you can add filters, you can crop, and even you can make your YouTube thumbnails with this app. This is a free app and this an awesome app. Download this app now from the Google Play Store for Free.


Now something else that I want to mention to you when using this app. They export the image into a transparent PNG file that means that the Graphic app of Photo app that you are currently using to make your design with. They have to able a transparent PNG image in order to see your background erased. In addition to the two apps that we are already talked about that was the all in one app. I know Pixomatic can do this as well Picsart. You have to import this in your favourite app and see whether it works for you or not.

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