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How to Help Spiders and Crawlers? Beginners Full Guide

In this blog, I am going to discuss with you a few simple tips of things you need to remember in order to help out bots and spiders whenever they are trying to crawl your site. A bot is a pretty much an automated program that goes to every single webpage and is going to start gathering up information about it. So its gonna gather up of all the text and stuff and it's also going to gather up all of the links that are on the webpage. Now for each of those links what its gonna do it's gonna go to those and that is basically what spider is. It goes to those links and it starts gathering up all of the links on the webpage.

If you ever have a page that cannot be accessed by clicking links lets say you have a page and you actually need to type in the full URL into a browser then there is no way that spider is ever going to find it. So lets on my home page I have a bunch of different sections but I put the links into my programming videos and my computer science videos but I also have …

What is SEO and how does it work? Beginners Full Guide

What is SEO?
SEO actually stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is an Online Marketing Technique which helps to bring your Website on to[p in Search Engine results. The goal of this blog is to give a basic review of how Search Engine work's so you can better understand what Search Engine Optimization or SEO is all about. As of today, there were over 130,000,000+ registered websites out there on the Internet. So through to all of it, most of us rely on Search Engines to find what we want and these Search Engines have become so good that of 90% of people using the Internet relied on the fine things. Now their lots of good Search Engines out there but about 90%of people around World Wide use Google. So, that's why we will use in this blog, just keep in mind the concepts we are discussing are applied to all the Search Engines too. When we search something with Google, you get back a results page and there's lots of stuff on it. This shows how many Websites Google found tha…