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What is Mutual Funds and how to Invest in Mutual Funds?

BASICS OF MUTUAL FUNDSWhat is Mutual Funds:The word Mutual implies a group of people coming together and Funds means pulling of money. Therefore the term Mutual Funds suggest the group of people putting their money together to buy stocks and bonds or in some cases a combination of both. For example, a baker bakes a million-pound cake and the cake is made up of a variety of ingredients, each ingredient is an individual stock or bond. The list of all these ingredients makes up your Portfolio. This Fund is managed by a professional Fund Manager, who manages this pool of money and bills a Portfolio which is inline of the investment objective of the scheme. This ensures that the risk is controlled because all the stocks may not move in the same direction and the same proportion at the same time. Thus it helps to balance things out.

What are Mutual Fund Units and is their NAV calculated: Mutual Funds issue units to the investors and accordance with the quantum of money invested by them. Inve…

Top 10 Myth Busters in PUBG Mobile

Today we will know about Top 10 PUBG Mobile Myths. It sounds interesting and I know you all want to know all 10 myths of PUBG Mobile. Here are the Top 10 PUBG Mobile Myths-
1. Your flare would get fired on the ground if you move while shooting it. We have tried it by shooting a flare gun while running on the ground and see what happens. We can see the flare will fall down on the ground and it will look like a barn fire. You can also observe yourself in your mobile while playing PUBG. Hence, the myth is confirmed. 
2. The time it takes to die after getting knocked out, gets multiplied each time you get knocked out. We have tried of doing this by knocking out a player 5 times and then compare their speeds. We have seen that there will be differences in the speed and the player loses health faster everytime. You can also observe yourself in your mobile while playing PUBG. Hence, the myth is confirmed. 

3. If you're not in the line of sight of a frag grenade, you won't get damaged. W…

Wi-Fi is About to Change Forever in 3 Different Ways

We all love Wi-Fi except when it's cut out of course. But Wi-Fi is going to be changing for the better in 3 separate and major ways in the very near Future like the next couple of months. So, that's we are going to discussing today in this blog. I am going to detail on these changes and these three big changes are-

1. First of all, there is a new Protocol, 802.11ax so it's going to be after ac which is the current latest one. There is also going to be a new naming system so it's not going to call ax, ac or anymore. They are going to changing that. And finally, we are getting a new Security Protocol to replace WPA2 and that is going to work better. So first of these is 802.11ax Wi-Fi. First of all ax, Wi-Fi is going to be much faster theoretically up to about 10 Gbps! over wireless. This is pretty crazy and also it is gonna be still using the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz spectrums. So it's not gonna be like some of the other ones there are like Super High Frequency but they can…

What is Google Adsense and how does it work? Beginners Full Guide

What is Google Adsense?
GoogleAdsense is an advertising program by Google where Publishers, Website Owners, YouTube Creators can actually put ad code directly in their website and Google Adsense will fill that ad base and they tried to pick out the right ads for their audience. So rather than you try to sell your ad space on your website, you actually just work with Google Adsense. You can create an account and sign-up with your Google account and once you all confirmed add the Advertising code directly to your Website or you use it on your YouTube videos and you are able to monetize your content. So when people go to your Website and when people watch YouTube videos you will actually make money from the people who are visiting your Website. And you don't have to worry about any heavy lifting in terms of selling ad space or anything like that Google Adsense does all the heavy lifting for you. 

Who should use Google Adsense?So, let's discuss who should use Google Adsense. Website

How to Create & Verify PayPal Account in India Easily?

Create a Verified PayPal account in IndiaIf you work online from India companies of Abroad cannot send money directly to your Bank Account and so they use PayPal. Once the money has been sent to your PayPal Account it will be credited to your Bank Account in India. To make a Fully Verified PayPal make sure you have a PAN Card and a Bank Account which matches with your name on the PAN Card.

How can you Create our PayPal Account Easily?Let's create a new account by going www.paypal.comand clicking on the Signup button. Next, click the Get Started button for Individuals and then Fill up the form correctly with your proper details. Make sure it matches your name in your Bank Account and don't forget to enter your First and Last name exactly as it appears on your PAN Card. Remember to uncheck the tick mark and click on Agree and Create Account Button. Enter the code shown in the image and click on Continue. Now in the next page click on Skip This Step and Go to your Account. Your Pa…

Top 10 Unbelievable Facts about YouTube

In this blog, we will see some interesting facts about YouTube. YouTube is becoming popular all over the world since 2005 when it was created by three developers. Here are the Top 10 Facts about YouTube that you don't know.
1. If you have ever been the first to watch the fast-growing YouTube video, you probably noticed that the views counter usually freezes at around 301 views. This is actually not a bug but an anti-fraud tactic that has acted to verify this quickly growing views or actually real. It is not sought of bot or spam. After a day or two, the views have been checked the views counter usually returns to normal.

2. YouTube actually started out as a video version of an online paid website uses would be able to upload videos of themselves or rate and interact to the people based on their videos. The idea of this site was influenced by another website called, where people submit photos of themselves which other users rate based on their attractiveness but after a …

What is WordPress? How WordPress works? WordPress Full details for Beginners

If you haven't used WordPress before or even if you have any you know where you around, you will find great information coming up on creating a successful Website and building an online presence. You will learn about Posts, Pages, and Thousands of different Plugins, Widgets, and Themes available. A couple we highly recommend and use ourselves, as well as techniques used by Big Companies Online. Do you know that anyone can use WordPress, and some of the Biggest Companies and some of the FamousCelebrities use it as an effective and easy way to sell their products, share their work, their thoughts and broaden their market because WordPress is really easy! I promise.

What is WordPress?WordPress is a good source for creating a Wonderful Website without having a knowledge of complicated coding. In 2003, it is a basic blog engine but it is becoming a fully-featured & fully customized website creation tool used by many individuals, businesses or organizations around the world.

What can …